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Marlen Bahn (Mitarbeiterin Mister Spex, Marketing/SEO)

At Mister Spex, I am part of the online marketing team and my responsibilities include being in charge of our work with bloggers. The friendly, honest and informal way colleagues related to each other made for a very pleasant atmosphere at work. Anyone wanting to work at Mister Spex should be able to work in a team, have a solution-oriented approach and be very much a self-starter.

Marlen Bahn (Employee Mister Spex, Marketing/SEO)
Tobias Wiedemann (Mitarbeiter Mister Spex, Lager und Logistik)

I work in the Warehouse & Logistics division and am deaf. Together with the integration service provider, Mister Spex arranged for an interpreter to be available to me and my colleagues at many events such as meetings and performance reviews. Great value is placed on supporting employees. Anyone wanting to work at our company should be able to work in a team, be able to work under pressure and be cooperative and tolerant.

Tobias Wiedemann (Employee Mister Spex, Warehouse & Logistics)
Martin Okeke (Mitarbeiter Mister Spex, Werkstatt)

I work in the workshop and have various responsibilities. These include sorting the glasses and lenses and checking, packaging and dispatching orders. I really like coming to work and also always arrive in good spirits. We treat each other with respect. I think Mister Spex is a very special kind of employer.

Martin Okeke (Employee Mister Spex, Workshop)
Ulrich Tietze (Mitarbeiter Mister Spex, Produktmanagement)

Among other things, I work as a product owner for one of the developer teams and as a back-end product manager at Mister Spex. This focuses exclusively on the innate capabilities each person has and not on, for example, how you dress. Another great thing is the table football, which everyone can use to have a break at times.

Ulrich Tietze (Employee Mister Spex, Product Management)
Corinna Powalla, Gründerin (ehemalige Mitarbeiterin im Bereich Finance)

I originally worked in marketing at Mister Spex, but rapidly developed in the direction of financial controlling and enjoyed it immensely. The company gives everyone the opportunity to advance according to their own strengths and interests. After my time at Mister Spex, I set up my own business and am still running it successfully today.

Corinna Powalla, Founder (Former employee, Financial Controlling)
Anne-Camille Marguet-Tainturier, Gründerin (ehemalige Mitarbeiterin, Online Marketing)

During my time at Mister Spex, with a highly motivated team, I learned how to implement business ideas rapidly and in terms of concept. In doing so, I saw how exciting setting up a company can be and then went on to set one up myself. I am still in regular contact with many of my former colleagues.

Anne-Camille Marguet-Tainturier, Founder (Former employee, Online Marketing)
Frederic Böert, Gründer (ehemaliger Mitarbeiter, Business Development und Gründer von

During the exciting and instructive time I spent as business development manager at Mister Spex, I not only drew up project concepts but also implemented these in collaboration with colleagues from a range of different departments. The experience I gained is now helping me build up my own company.

Frederic Böert, Founder (Former employee, Business Development)
Ismahan Atilgan, Gründerin (ehemalige Mitarbeiterin, Marketing )

When I worked at Mister Spex, I was assigned tasks very early on that gave me responsibility and which allowed me to demonstrate my strengths and contribute and implement my own ideas. What is special about Mister Spex is that it combines the features of a startup with a professional working environment. I now run my own online shop.

Ismahan Atilgan, Founder (Former employee, Marketing )
Phillip Joas (ehemaliger Mitarbeiter, Business Development) und Thilo Hardt (Gründer von Mister Spex), Gründer

We got to know each other during the time we spent together at Mister Spex and collaborated with great people on exciting projects. At that time, we already wanted to keep working together in the future. That’s why we set up our own company together. The experience we had gained previously at Mister Spex was priceless and this still gives us a sense of connection to the company.

Phillip Joas (Former employee, Business Development) und Thilo Hardt (Founder Mister Spex), Founder
Björn Kolbmüller, Gründer (ehemaliger Projektmanager, Marketing)

At Mister Spex, I gained broad knowledge of the company through close cooperation with other colleagues and was also able to have input in other divisions. You always had your own area of responsibility and were able to push on with this autonomously and also had entrepreneurial freedom.

Björn Kolbmüller, Founder (Former Project Manager, Marketing)

The many reasons
to choose us

We want to build something up and we also assume the responsibility for this.

Direct channels that ensure fast decision-making and openness to your input are factors we view as important. For your part, you assume the responsibility for implementing your ideas autonomously and steadily developing the company further.

We allow for development in all directions.

We are growing continually and this includes expanding internationally. If you welcome new challenges and want to find your own particular path, we can provide you with this opportunity. Our in-house Academy Programme will provide you with advice and assistance as required and give you the additional skills and training you need.

We work flexibly.

In many areas of the company, we have core working hours with sufficient flexibility and flexitime. We are also familiar with the concept of working from home. In some departments, we have a well-planned shift system in operation: however, exceptions are possible even in these cases. We know that your requirements depend on your own particular situation and we will work with you so we can find the right solution together. For parents, there is a children’s play area available, which can also be staffed with qualified personnel as required.


We work collaboratively.

We want to bring about decisive change in the eyewear sector. For this reason, we are looking collaboratively as a team for innovative solutions and new approaches. In doing so, despite the size of the company, we are always striving to retain the original team spirit we enjoyed during our startup time – every new employee is assigned a mentor to make the transition easier and we also see each other beyond the confines of work at joint events…

We want you to like working with us.

The right hardware, an ergonomic chair, the gym around the corner, help with moving house, a public transport ticket subsidy, large kitchen areas and rooftop terraces and, very importantly, a fair level of pay… To put it succinctly, we want you to feel good working with us and to like coming to work every day!


Still Have Questions?

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for smart people who like to get stuck into a task, don’t shy from responsibility and want to work with us to revolutionise the eyewear market! We welcome ideas, the drive to make things happen, nimble hands and good arguments – we welcome everyone who wants to join us in growing and on the way to continued success. Is your job your passion? Do you want to make a mark? Then you are exactly who we’re looking for!

Entry-level and career opportunities at Mister Spex

Internship: You can explore most areas of the company in an internship. The ideal length of time for this is 3-6 months. In our company, an internship doesn’t mean making tea and doing the photocopying but, from the very first day, actively supporting our daily operations and taking on your own projects. With us, every internship is, of course, well paid! If you don’t see the right job ad for you, then simply sent us a speculative application: We can make a lot of things happen!

Student assistant: Student assistants provide us with support mainly in warehouse operations, in the workshop and in returns management. There are also openings in IT and marketing. This is a great way to earn money while also learning something. We offer a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Permanent position: Many of our employees got their first permanent position with Mister Spex through an internship or by applying in the traditional way for an advertised vacancy. If the right job for you is not advertised, please do make a speculative application and we will check and see what might be right for you.

What opportunities do I have for professional development at Mister Spex?

At Mister Spex, every employee gets the opportunity to develop professionally and personally. The Mister Spex Academy provides support in shaping your individual career path and is there to provide employees with assistance in the form of coaching. On “Academy Thursdays”, employees can participate regularly in in-house trainings and learn from colleagues from a range of different specialist areas.

Moreover, subject-specific trainings and workshops are also offered with the aim of developing or building on existing skills.

The Mister Spex Academy assumes responsibility for the individual employees and teams and focuses on continually improving the workflow and the work-life balance. The Academy thereby makes a key contribution to “enacting” the values of Mister Spex as a company.

How do I apply to Mister Spex?

In keeping with the fact that we are an e-commerce company, we have a very clear bias in favour of digital/online applications. The format of our online application is deliberately very brief and to the point so as not to take up too much of your time unnecessarily – you simply upload the documents and enter your contact information. If something hasn’t worked out online as it should, then we will also accept full applications sent to the following address: All current vacancies can be found on our website.

What documentation must be included in a full application?

To be able to verify with certainty whether you are right for us, we require a cover letter, your current cv and all relevant certificates. For creative roles (copywriter, graphic designer, etc.) we also require a portfolio with samples of your work, so that we can get an initial impression of your style. It is also important to provide a desired start date and details of your salary expectations. But don’t worry, if these don’t fit, we will get in touch and consider together how things can proceed.

What happens with my application once I’ve sent it?

You will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately upon your application reaching us. This means you can be sure that we have received your documents. Your documents will then first be checked by the HR division and, if approved for further action, discussed with the division head for the specialist area in question. Normally, you will receive a reply to your application within two weeks. If we decide we would like to interview you, we will agree a time and date with you. We may arrange either a meeting in person or a telephone interview. If this interview is successful, for some divisions we will arrange another appointment. This time, you will be tested on your performance of a task and will also become acquainted with the division you could be working in in the future. This not only gives us the opportunity to see you in action but you can also get an impression of the staff and the atmosphere at Mister Spex.

Can I also make a speculative application?

Yes, of course! It pleases us not only when we find the right applicants but also when the applicants find us. Please just tell us in your application what area you want to work in and why. We will then check as quickly as possible for any opportunities and get back to you. If we don’t have a suitable opening at the time but generally think you’re right for us, with your consent, we will also be happy to add your documents to our current pool of applicants. The advantage of this is that we can contact you as soon as we have a suitable opening for you.

More questions?
Then please feel free to contact us directly…

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